Bluerose Media Policy

Safeguarding your information

At Bluerose, we deeply respect our customers’ privacy and rights. We are committed to safeguarding your information and ensuring its confidentiality.

Integrity & discretion

Your trust is paramount, and we pledge to uphold the highest standards of integrity and discretion in handling your media and data.”

Protection of media assets

We prioritize the protection and appropriate use of all media assets, respecting copyrights, trademarks, and confidentiality agreements.

Clients’ values

Any content produced or utilized by our agency is done so with explicit permission and aligns with the values and objectives of our clients and partners.

Secure content

Any content shared with us remains securely within the bounds of our professional relationship, used solely for the purpose of creating, enhancing, or managing digital assets. 

Intellectual property rights

Bluerose is committed to upholding ethical standards, respecting intellectual property rights, and fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment. 

Highest ethical standards

Our team works within legal boundaries and upholds the highest ethical standards when creating, modifying, or distributing media content.

Industry standards

We are dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information entrusted to us and ensuring that our media practices adhere to legal regulations and industry standards.